Monday, August 18, 2003

It's been a while scence I've posted (I'm either lazy or busy, either way), so I thought I'd review a couple of video games (one is actually an accessory).

Golden Sun: The Lost Age

I've never been that much of an RPG fan, but I heard good things about this game, so i picked it up. I started playing. And playing. And playing. In fact, I was worrying more about where to find the nearest inn and how to get to Lemuria than cleaning that bottomless pit I call my room.


The story of GS: TLA ventures slightly from the "your some good dudes trying to stop some bad dudes from unleashing a great evil force thingy upon the world." Instead, your some good dudes trying to unleash a good force by lighting the elemental lighthouses. This may sound semi-generic, but it does has something that is all too rare in games: a good twist at the end. I'm not talking about those sorry excuses for twists those bastard game developers think they can come up with, I'm talking almost almost "Sixth Sense" twist. All in all, the story is better than 90% of the games out there.


Simply put, this game is gorgeous. More specifically, the battles are gorgeous. The worlds look plenty good, but this game shines [graphicly] in battle. Most attacks look incredible, escpecially the summons (click href="http://www.gamespot.com/gba/rpg/goldensunthelostage/screenindex.html">here for screenshots). Just look at the screenshots. The battles defy description.


Now for the important stuff.

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